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Zhu Guang

Independent Non-executive Director

Mr. Zhu Guang, male, aged 60, graduated from the University of International Business and Economics in 1987 and obtained a Master degree in International Economy; in 2003, he was granted a Doctoral degree in Economics by the Central University of Finance and Economics.  Mr. Zhu joined China Minmetals Corporation since 1987. He served as the general manager of Minmetals Trading Co., Ltd. in 1994 to oversee the businesses of iron and steel raw materials and iron and steel products; in 1995, he served as the general manager of Minmetals International Non-ferrous Metals Co., Ltd.; in 1999, he served as the senior vice-president and Party Member of China Minmetals Corporation to oversee the non-ferrous metals business segment. From 2009 to the present, he has been working with HOPU Jinghua (Beijing) Investment Consultancy Co., Ltd. and has been serving as the president of Longming iron mine on behalf of HOPU Investment. Mr. Zhu has been  servering as Independent Non-executive Director of Zijin Mining since 20 June 2016.