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Liu Qiang

Secretary of the Board

  Ms. Liu Qiang, aged 53, graduated from Beijing Second Foreign Language Institute majoring in English literature, obtained a Master’s degree in Literature and is a deputy senior translator. She is the representative of the fifteenth People’s Congress in Haidian District of Beijing, and is a member of the National Economy, Social Development and Planning, Finance and Budgeting Audit Committee of the fifteenth People’s Congress of Haidian District. She has studied finance, financial management and business administration at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing and got a post-graduate diploma. She has received trainings on finance and financial management in Hong Kong, served in the finance department of Oriental Metals (Holdings) Company Limited in Hong Kong and served as the manager of the finance department of an Australian subsidiary of China National Non-Ferrous Metals Import and Export Corporation, manager of the aluminum department of China National Non- Ferrous Metals Import and Export Corporation; a senior analyst for the aluminum industry and market in China National Non- Ferrous Metals Trading Group and China National Metals and Minerals Import and Export Corporation as well as the deputy manager of the Import and Export Division of China Aluminum International Trading Corporation Limited. She served as the secretary to the board of directors and company secretary of Aluminium Corporation of China Ltd. from October 2003 to May 2013. She currently serves as the secretary to the board of directors of the Company.