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Guo Xianjian

General Engineer


Guo, Xian Jian, PhD, born in May 1959 in Jiangxi, China,is Canadian and Profession Engineer. He acquired PhD in Metallurgy in Kunming University of Science and Technology in China (1989) and did post-doctoral study in Mackay School of Mine University of Nevada, Reno, USA. He has experience more than 30 years in process development, plant operation optimization, engineering and project management in mining and mineral industry. He has successfully managed a number of large international mining/mineral projects in which the investment is over 10 billion RMB, the work covering project evaluation, engineering, construction and commissioning. He had a number of positions including Technical Advisor (CEO Technical Representative, of CGNPC Husab uranium project in Namibia(2013-2016); Vice President in Ramu NiCo management Ltd (MCC) in Papua New Guinea (2006-2011); Nonferrous Director-China (2002-2005) and Technical Director-Nonferrous (2011-2013) in Hatch Ltd.in Canada; Senior Scientist in Noranda Technology Center in Canada(1997-2001); Researcher in Metallurgical Department of McGill University(1996); and Director of Metallurgical Department in Beijing Research Institute for Nonferrous Metals(1991-1994).  He currently is the senior consultant of several companies and visiting professor in Beijing University Science and Technology. He completed a number of key R&D and plant renovation projects in China before he went abroad.  He is the author of more than 40 technical papers.