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Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd. ("Zijin" or "the Group") is mainly engaged in the exploration and mining of gold, copper, zinc and other mineral resources. Being a leading metal producer in China, the Group ranks the 947th place in the Forbes Global 2000 in 2018, the 3rd place among the world’s public gold miners, and the 82th place in the Fortune China 500 in 2018. 

Zijin, listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange (code: 2899) and Shanghai Stock Exchange (code: 601899), has developed an extensive product portfolio of gold, copper, lead and zinc, tungsten, iron ore and other base metals and invested in 24 provinces across China and 9 foreign countries.

Zijin is one of companies with largest metal mineral resources in China, and has been among the most profitable company in the industry for consecutive years. By the end of 2017, the Company owns 1320.07 tons of gold, 31.48 million tons of copper, 7.8 million tons of zinc, 0.68 million tons of molybdenum and 7.56 million tons of tungsten under complete equity method globally, achieving the largest listed gold company, the third largest mined-copper producer, and the largest mined-zinc producer in China. The revenue and net profit attributable to the parent of the Company were RMB 94.5 billion and 3.5 billion respectively in 2017. The total assets and equity attributable to owners of the parent as at 31 December 2017 were RMB 89.32 billion and 35 billion respectively.

Zijin perceives innovation as the core competitiveness and leads the industry in the multiple sections such as geological exploration and survey,hydrometallurgy, comprehensive recovery and utilization of low-grade refractory resources, large-scale engineering development and so on. By making full use of a series of high-level researchand development platforms including the exclusive State Key Laboratory in gold industry, the national enterprise technology center, workstations for academicians’ scientificresearch, etc. while dedicating to the actual conditions and needs of production, the Company developed a rich portfolio of independent intellectual property rights and scientific research achievements which have all been proved to be applicable and effective. The Company has set up joint sponsorship with Fuzhou University for the establishment of Zijin Mining College, exploring the possibility to narrow the gap between theories and practices for young scholars and future engineers.

Stick to the principle of “Life comes first and Environment stays as the priority”, Zijin always takes safety and environment as the lifeblood in its development, and it owns and operates multiple National Mine Parks,National Industrial Tourism Demonstration Site and National Pilots Green Mines.Zijin adheres to its own value of “Harmony begets wealth: the company, its people, and the community develop in harmoniously" and pays close attention towards the sustainable development of the environment where we operate. To realize its social responsibilities in a positive way,the Company has contributed RMB 240 million to public charity and set up Zijin Mining Charity Fund which won“China Charity Award”,the top award of its kind, for three times. 

Zijinhas begun a new round of development characterized by internationalization, project portfolio upgrading and asset securitization,aiming at ascending to the league of top international miners as an “extra-large scale international mining group with high technology and efficiency”by year 2030.Zijin strives to provide high-quality mineral products for Chinese and Global economic growth, while creating values for investors, employees and other related parties.