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To be a green, high-tech, leading global mining company

Strategic focuses

Ø  Achieve globalisation, project upsizing and asset securitization

Ø  Remain committed to mining business with gold and copper as top priority

Ø  Attach utmost importance to resources and ramp up production  capacity

Ø  Deepen reform and establish advanced systems

Ø  Drive growth by innovation and technology

Ø  Emphasise market-orientation and value creation

Ø  Uphold production safety and ecological harmony

Ø  Promote cultural integration and mutual development

Ø  Maintain a compliant operation and guard against risk

Major measures

Ø  Deepen reform to comprehensively develop a streamlined, regulated and highly-efficient globalized operation management system

Ø Prioritise resources to comprehensively strengthen strategic merger and acquisition of mineral resources and geological prospecting

Ø Achieve leaping growth and comprehensively turn resource advantage into economic and social efficacies

Ø Conduct self-initiated upgrade to build world-leading mining technologies and engineering capabilities

Ø  Combine industry and finance to form an advanced capital value system

Ø Taking a global perspective to comprehensively strengthen international talent team development and cross-cultural establishment

Ø Converge with international standards to comprehensively establish the environmental, social and governance (ESG) system