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Development strategies of the Company

In 2014, the Company began a new round of business development, and proposed to achieve the strategic goals of ascending to the league of top international miners by year 2030, and becoming an “extra-large scale international mining group with high technology and efficiency”. Looking forward, the Company will insist on a combination of internationalisation, project upsizing and asset securitisation as its key strategy, focusing on internationalisation as the crucial direction for the Company’s future development, project upsizing as the future source of growth, and the capital market as the foundation for achieving further expansion of business.

Specific business strategies for 2018

In 2018, under the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the Company will focus on “clinging to reforms, stabilising growth and boosting development” as the main focus of work, emphatically promote a spirit of innovation, accelerate the implementation of internationalisation strategy, carefully proceed with the reforms in corporate governance and management system, ensure compliance in operation, and fully accomplish the operation and production targets for 2018.

 Continue to drive reform in management structure, establish a regulated and highly effective management mechanism.

 Pursue growth targets with stability and quality, improve the overall operating results.

Realise material breakthroughs in merger and acquisition, rapidly expand the Company’s resources and earnings.

Tackle human resources-related challenges, promote balanced development between the corporation, employees and the community.

Strengthen innovation and scientific and technological work and promote the upgrading of development quality.

Attach great importance to safety and environmental protection, occupational health and ecological construction, and build an exemplary image in the industry.