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Taldybulak Levoberezhny Gold Mine

Ownership: 60%

Mine Type: Underground

Altynken LLC, established in 2006, is located in Kyrgyzstan Fortescue Yi Sike State, 120 km east of the capital Bishkek and 12 km south of Orlovka. The Taldybulak deposit is on the edge of a deeply eroded Palaeoproterozoic basement, in the Tianshan Gold Belt. The area of mining tenement is 2 km wide and 5 km long. The area is structurally complex with several generations of faulting.

Taldybulak Levoberezhny gold mine is the third largest gold mine in Kyrgyzstan, owning 2.5 million ounces gold reserves and resources, with a mine life of 19 years. In July 2015, Taldybulak Levoberezhny’s ore processing capacity reached 2500t/d and started commercial production.

Taldybulak Levoberezhny Gold Mine