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Porgera Gold Mine

Ownership: 47.5%


Enga province, Papua New Guinea



Project status

Expected   to resume production within 2021

Deposit Type

Epithermal   vein-type gold deposit


Contained   gold of 331t with grade of 4.02%

mining & Processing   methods

Open   mining + underground mining

2020 production

Production   suspended in April 2020, and 2020 gold production of 2.68 tonnes (based on Zijin’s   proportionate shareholding)

As the second-largest mine in Papua New Guinea and one of the world’s top ten gold mines, the Porgera Gold Mine has a daily throughput of 17,000 tonnes and an annual gold production of 15-16 tonnes.

In April 2020, Porgera was suspended after its SML expired. In April 2021, BNL signed a binding Framework Agreement with the government of Papua New Guinea on the future ownership and operation of the Porgera Gold Mine. The mine is expected to resume operation within 2021.

Gold Produced
Porgera Gold Mine