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Rio Blanco Copper Mine

Ownership: 45%

Mine Type: Open Pit

Rio Blanco Copper S.A. is located in Piura region, northern Peru, close to the Ecuador border, on the eastern side of Andes. The core asset of Rio Blanco Copper S.A is Rio Blanco copper-molybdenum mine. Rio Blanco is hosted by a multi-phased intrusive porphyry complex, dated at about 11 million years. At least three generations of intrusive and mineralizing events have been identified at Rio Blanco and the complex exhibits classic patterns of hydrothermal alteration associated with this type of mineral deposit. 

The total ore resources of Rio Blanco copper mine is 12.57 billion tonnes at a grade of 0.57%, and the total reserves is 500 million tonnes, at a grade of 0.63%. Rio Blanco is an open pit with a mine life over 20 years.

Development Stage
Rio Blanco Copper Mine