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Serbia Zijin Copper

Ownership: 63%

Mine Type: Open Pit

Serbia Zijin Copper Doo Bor has four copper mines including JM, VK, NC and MS, and one smelter. By the end of 2019, Serbia Zijin Copper holds 10,180,000 tonnes of copper metal with an average grade of 0.40%. The mine is located in the Eurasian metallogenic belt, with good metallogenic prospect and a great potentia to explore minesl. In 2019, the company produced annual 74,000 tonnes of copper cathode, including 44,000 tonnes of mineral copper.

Serbia Zijin Copper is speeding up the technological transformation and expansion of its four mines and smelters. After completion, it will produce 120,000 tonnes of mineral copper and 180,000 tonnes of smelting copper, with a capacity of 200,000 tonnes reserved.

74,000 tonnes
Copper produced
10,180,000 tonnes
Copper Resources
Serbia Zijin Copper