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Bisha Zinc Polymetallic Mine

Ownership: 60%

In December 2018, Zijin Mining acquired a 100% stake in Nevsun Resources Ltd., As a result, Zijin holds a 60% stake in its subsidiary Eritrean Bisha Mining AG (Bisha) and together with the Eritrean National Mining Corporation(ENAMCO, holds a 40% stake in Bisha) becomes a shareholder of Bisha.The Bisha Zinc Polimetallic Mine is Eritrean largest acitve zinc project.

The Bisha Mine is Nevsun’s core asset in Eritrea, its commercial production began in 2011. Before mid-2013, the project mainly produced gold; from mid-2013 to mid-2016, copper was mainly produced; from mid-2016 to the present, zinc was mainly produced, associated with some copper.

Currently, the annual mining capacity is 22 million tons, and planned to be more than 30 million tons in 2019, using open pit mining + truck transportation; the designed annual processing capacity is 2.4 million tons, using crushing+SAG mill+ball mill+flotation; the final products are zinc concentrate and copper concentrate.

By the end of 2018, the Bisha Mine had a zinc reserve of 31,280,000 tonnes with an average grade of 4.66%, a copper reserve of 655,000 tonnes with an average grade of 0.97 and a gold reserve of 38.06 tonnes with an average grade of 0.57%. In 2018, it produced 205,000 tons of zinc, 17,300 tons of copper, 13,792 ounces of gold and 996,675 ounces of silver, with a profit of USD 12.57 million. It plans to produce 16,200 tonnes of copper and 138,200 tonnes of zinc in 2019.

The safety management of Bisha Mine adopts Canadian standards. The training, guidance and supervision of employees are carried out by specialized agencies, the safety KPIs are conducted strictly on the management team by the head office, plus supporting safety awards and incentive mechanisms, resulting in a good safety operation.

Up to December 31st, 2018, Bisha had a total of 1,553 employees, including 104 international employees and 1,449 local employees.

125,000 tonnes
Zinc Produced
3,218,000 tonnes
Zinc Resources
Bisha Zinc Polymetallic Mine