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Jilin Zijin Copper Smelter

Ownership: 100%

Jilin Zijin Copper Co., Ltd. is located in Hunchun Border Economic Cooperation Zone of Jilin province and established in December 2016. Its registered capital is 1 billion yuan, Zijin mining holding 100%. By the end of 2018, it had about 600 employees.

In 2018, Jilin Zijin Copper produced 115,800 tonnes of cathode copper and 400,000 tonnes of sulfuric acid; realized operating income of 6.577 billion yuan, total profit of 71.68 million yuan, and paid taxes of 129 million yuan; by the end of 2018, total assets were 3.7 billion yuan.

The company has formed capacity producing 120,000 tonnes of cathode copper per year and 400,000 tonnes of sulfuric acid per year. In 2018, it built a new VPSA type 4000Nm3/h oxygen generating unit, water quenching slag drying project and comprehensive recovery project of metal in casting materials and other projects.

115,800 tonnes
Cathode Copper Produced
Jilin Zijin Copper Smelter