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Buriticá gold mine


The Buriticá gold mine is a world class large-sacle super high-grade gold mine. The resources volume includes 353 tones of gold grading 9.3g/t in average and 1,469 tonnes of silver grading 38.8g/t. The surrounding and deep part of the main mineral deposit has the potential for reserve increment. The super high-grade of the Buriticá gold mine is unique in the worldwide as its average grade is much higher than primary gold grading 11.9g/t in average globally. The mining of the Buriticá gold mine will be underground. It is designed to process 3,000 tonnes of ore per day and the full production capacity is 7.8 tonnes gold every year. The production plan of the gold is 4 to 5 tonnes for year 2020. The commissioning has been completed in April and produced gold successfully.

The Buriticá gold mine was 100% owned by Continental Gold Inc. listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The subsidiary of Gold Mountains (H.K.) acquired the Buriticá gold mine with the consideration of 1.378 billion USD on 5th March 2020.

Gold Produced
Buriticá gold mine