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Yulong Copper mine


Yulong Copper mine is the second largest stand-alone copper mine in China, which has measured resource volumn of 6.58 million tonnes of copper metal and 400 thousand tonnes of molybdenum. The prospective copper resources reserve may reach over 10 million tonnes. Phase 1 construction of Yulong copper mine has been completed and produced 30 thousand tonnes of copper annually. Phase 2 constrcution to expand infrastructure has started in year 2018. After phase 2 construction completed and commerce production, the designed processing capacity is 18,9 million tonnes per year and the production capacity is 130 thousand tonnes of copper and 6.5 thousand tonnes of molybdenum per year for phase 1+2 together.

Zijin mining holds 20% interest of Tibet Yulong Copper Co.,Ltd which owns 100% interest of Yulong copper mine. 

Copper Produced
Yulong Copper mine