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Zijin strives to be a human-oriented corporation, creating a safe and harmonious work environment for all of our employees. We seek to maximize local employment and attract diverse talent. The company emphasizes teamwork and encourages ongoing improvement. We maintain a competitive edge by attracting and developing a highly skilled and engaged workforce.

 Employee Development

Our business is generated by the skills and expertise of our workforce. When we invest in their skills and develop their talents, we are also investing in the future of our company. Zijin focuses on creating a harmonious growing environment where we can grow the skill set of our workers while growing our company. When we develop our employee’s careers, we are also investing in the talent we need to thrive as a company.

Responsibility to Employees

Zijin provides its employees with competitive remuneration, safe and healthy working conditions, effective on-the-job training programs, and promising career opportunities. The company sponsors skill training for local stakeholders. 


Zijin Mining takes education and training as an important part of the Company's talents development program. We aim at meeting the requirements of the Company's development strategy and the improvement of occupational capability of the employees, and exploring their potential ability, encouraging their creative capacity, and also improving their professional competitiveness. The Group always regards talents as the basis of pioneering, competition and development of the Company. Moreover, we encourage and retain talents with multi-level integrated talent education and training system.

Zijin Mining College of Fuzhou University

In order to cultivate mining professionals, Zijin established Zijin Mining College in coalition with Fuzhou University (FZU) in June 2007, exploring a new sustainable teaching model with the characteristic of Industry-Academy-Research cooperation. Zijin Mining College is established on two campuses: one is in Fuzhou University and the other is named Shanghang Teaching Base located in Shanghang County. We invested RMB 150 million in building the Shanghang Teaching base, which covered a land of 51,831 m2, and 62,000 m2 of gross floor, to provide excellent teaching, practice and living conditions for students and was awarded first batch of Construction Unit of Nation-Leveled Education Centre for Engineering Practice in 2012.

We set up our goal to cultivate innovative mining professionals with practical capability in engineering, and to enforce the education of outstanding mining talents in China. In the past 6 years, we spent a total of RMB 34.1 million in academic discipline construction, teaching and scientific research equipments, talents recruitment, teaching rewards and student finance assistance.

The college council is comprised of representatives from university and enterprise. The council conference is held once every academic term, to explore and approve the proposals, such as course orientation, enhancement of teaching staff, laboratory construction, annual recruitment plan, academic discipline construction, cooperation in scientific research, rewards to teachers and students, and expenditure of funds for school running. Part-time Double-Functioned instructors from Zijin give lectures in classroom and provide guidance in graduation research and other minor scientific research tasks, in order to cultivate the outstanding engineers. We follow and evaluate the students' growth with the college, choose excellent students before graduation. The Company stresses on the cultivation and development of graduates, and feeds the graduates performance back to the college, and therefore supports the college to adjust and improve its teaching program. 183 students have graduated from the college in 2011 and 2012, and the employment rate of the graduates reached 100% and 98.1% respectively. The graduates are welcomed and highly commented by the employers for their comprehensive quality and professional literacy. Some graduates have even been promoted to junior managing positions in two years.

With the support of superior resources of the teaching base, Zijin Mining College actively carries out various training courses for talents. We have conducted management or professional training courses for the staff as scheduled, especially those key staffs from various levels, to support to cultivate the talents with international perspective, innovative consciousness and steadfastness in work to the Company in our New Round Pioneering and Globalization Strategy.


Three Level Training System of Group, Subordinate Companies and Division

We established the three level linkage mechanism of staff training, where the Group, Subordinate Companies and Divisions perform their training function accordingly. The vertical managed training system activates the positivity of Company headquarters, the Subordinate Companies and Divisions.

The Internal Trainer Team with Excellent Quality

Internal trainers are important transferors of the enterprise's knowledge and experience. The internal trainer in Zijin instruct to and share experience with the green hands and other employees, and can continuously promote his self capacity along with  teaching and learning. The internal trainer can be recommended by others or self-recommended. Now we grew to about 200 internal trainers, including the Double-Functioned instructors for Zijin Mining College, FZU. Most of them are professionals in various fields. They give lectures in college part-timely, making great contribution to promote the comprehensive quality of the staff and cultivate innovative and inter-disciplinary talents for the Company.

Independent Developed Excellent Courses

Training is precondition of management and also one of the measures and procedures of management. The company has established a course system for staff training, covering various levels of positions and management, such as cultivating high ranking professional or managing talents with the supports of National Key Laboratory, Mining & Metallurgy Institute and Management Institute, conducting various training programs respectively for different  levels of management, training technical talents and cultivating industrial workers by way of professional education on mine-sites, and organizing popularization of professional knowledge of exploration, mining, processing and smelting to non-professional staff, aiming to cultivate inter-disciplinary talents, improve communication and working efficiency.

Encourage further education

To strengthen the cultivation of core professional technical staff and academic leaders, the Company encourages staff to promote their capability through formal education and training. Staff could take further education to obtain higher educational background either off or on the job. Those approved to further study off job could remain their labor contract with the Company and get monthly allowance as much as their standard regular wages, and those staff studying on job will be offered, after they finish further education and get certificates concerned, schooling tuition fee, travelling expenses and accommodation expenses, besides their normal salary.

In short, the Company carries out staff training and further education to spread Zijin culture, reinforce staff's sense of cohesiveness and belonging, widen their view to the outside world, and satisfy their demands to realize self-value, therefore leading all the time the Company onto our "highway" for development. Because of the rapid growth of the Company, our subsidiaries are spreading at home and abroad, and we still need to try hard for our staff training and further education. At present, we are planning to establish an E-learning training system in combination with the Company's ERP project. The E-learning system will cover all staffs of Zijin and meets the requirements of learning on net.