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Fujian Provincial CPC Secretary Yu weiguo Meets Former Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić

On November 3rd, Yu Weiguo, Secretary of CPC Fujian Provincial Committee met with a visiting delegation from Serbia led by former Serbian president Tomislav Nikolić, who is currently President of Serbia’s National Council for Cooperation with China. Chairman Chen Jinghe of Zijin Mining Group attended the meeting.

Mr. Yu said that Fujian and Serbia have been getting closer to each other in recent years, and he hoped that both sides would have further cooperation in areas such as mining, investments and trade, and cultural heritage protection. He pointed out that Zijin Mining Group is a highly recognized company in the region of Fujian Province which boasts high-end mining technologies, and it has laid a good foundation for further cooperation between Fujian and Serbia. He said that Fujian government will continuously support Fujian-based enterprises to invest in Serbia in the future.

Mr. Nikolić said that, Zijin Mining Group had been professional, highly efficient and responsible during the process of merger and acquisition in the RTB Bor copper mine project. He added that, Zijin is one of the pioneering Fujian enterprises in Serbia and it opened the door to Fujian-Serbia cooperation. And that Serbia’s National Council for Cooperation with China will strongly support Zijin’s development in Serbia. To conclude, he welcomed more Fujian enterprises to do business in Serbia.