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Fuzhou University Deepens University - Industry Cooperation to Promote the International Development of China's Mining Industry

Zijin News June 23rd- Zijin Mining College of Fuzhou University held the graduation and degree awarding ceremony in 2019, Mr. Chen Yongzheng, Party Secretary of Fuzhou University, and Mr. Chen Jinhe, Chairman of Zijin Mining Group and Chairman of the college council, attended the event.

The Zijin Mining College of Fuzhou University was founded in 2007 by Zijin Mining Group. In 2018, the “Zijin Mode” of university- industry cooperation won the Second Prize of national teaching achievement in higher education. Zijin Mining Group has supported the establishment of Zijin Mining College, invested 150 million yuan to build the Shanghang Teaching Base. It selected six batches of outstanding experts as engineering teachers to participate in the teaching activities of the college, and established “Chen Jinghe Scholarship” to award excellent graduates. The overall donation has reached nearly 60 million yuan. On the day of the ceremony, Zijin Mining donated another 3 million yuan to support the construction of the doctoral program of "Mining Engineering".

Zijin Mining College relies on the overseas layout advantages of Zijin Mining Group and actively responds to the national “Belt and Road” initiative. The “Zijin Mining Group Central Asian Russian Mineral Processing Engineering Graduate Program” has been approved by the “China Government Scholarship-Silk Road Scholarship Program”. At present, the dual-degree cooperation between Zijin Mining College and world-class universities has covered three undergraduate majors - geological engineering, mining engineering and mineral processing engineering.