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Zijin Mining ranks 87th on the Fortune China 500 in 2019

Zijin News July 10th- the Fortune China 500 list in 2019 is released tonight, where Zijin Mining ranked 87th overall.

On the list, Zijin Mining, Shandong Gold, Zhongjin Gold and Shandong Humon Smelting are the only four gold enterprises. Among them, Zijin Mining ranks first in terms of revenue and net profit, as the only gold enterprise squeezed into the top 100.

In terms of the metal industry, 53 metal enterprises (including steel enterprises) are on the list, including 6 enterprises with operating income of more than 100 billion RMB, namely Baosteel, Jiangxi Copper, Chalco, and HBIS, Zijin Mining, Ansteel. As for the non-ferrous metals industry, 28 companies are listed, including 3 enterprises with an operating income of more than 100 billion RMB, where Zijin Mining ranks third after Jiangxi Copper and Chalco.