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Xiamen Strait Gold and Jewelry Industrial Park officially opened

Zijin News August 12th, the Xiamen Strait Gold and Jewelry Industrial Park in Haicang District was officially opened. More than 30 well-known domestic and foreign brands such as Zijin Gold, Jinsheng Gold Jewelry and Diamond Trading Center have been settled in the park.

The park is jointly established by Zijin Gold Jewelry Corporation, Xiamen Haitou Supply Chain Corporation and Jinzhou (Xiamen) Gold Asset Management Corporation, with a total investment of about 400 million yuan to build a gold jewelry industry chain platform integrating refining, processing and storage.

The gold bullion related indicators produced by the Zijin Gold Refining Project in the park are superior to the national standard, and have been approved by Shanghai gold exchange for delivery and warehousing, which indicates that gold ingot and gold bar produced by the refinery in the industrial park can circulate in the domestic and international gold market through the platform of Shanghai Gold Exchange.