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President Vučićof Serbia: Full support for the development of Zijin Mining in Serbia

Zijin News On December 16th, during the working visit in Serbia, Chen Jinghe, the Chairman of Zijin Mining Group, visited Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, former Serbian President and Chairman of the China Cooperation Committee Tomislav Nikolić and First Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić.

Chen Jinghe said that Serbia is an important overseas investment country of Zijin Mining. The government has high efficiency and is friendly to Chinese investment. Zijin Mining will actively implement the commitments of the strategic cooperation agreement to accelerate the completion of the technological transformation and expansion of 4 mines and 1 smelter in the Bol project; the Timok project has huge resource advantages, and Zijin Mining will strive to complete the project and put it into operationin 2021 to make a positive contribution to Serbia’s economic growth.

President Vučićspoke highly of Zijin Mining's investment and construction in Serbia. He said: “December 18, 2018 is a day of great historical significance in Serbia. We reached a project investment agreement with Zijin Mining, giving  rebirth to the Bol region. The Zijin project is a model of Serbian investment and it  has respectful, dedicated and professional team. Through the efforts of the new company for one year, the production ,operation and environmental protection have been improving  significantly . I will express my respect and thanks to the Chinese government with the best wording .”

Vučićsaid that he will actively assist with Timok's related license procedures, work with Zijin Mining to promote the start of full-scale construction in March 2020, and fully support the development of Zijin Mining in Serbia. He hoped that while Zijin's investment in Serbia achieved good economic  results, it would also  help Serbia to revitalize the economy and improve the conditions of communities and employees.

Alexander Antić, Minister of the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Serbia,Mrs. Chen Bo, Chinese Ambassador to Serbia, and Fang Qixue, Vice President of Zijin Mining attended the meeting.