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Zijin Mining's director and supervisor completed the re-election, Chen Jinghe was elected chairman, Zou Laichang was appointed president, Lin Shuiqing was elected chairman of Supervisory Board

Zijin News On December 30, Zijin Mining held the second extraordinary general meeting of shareholders in 2019 at the headquarters. The meeting completed the reelection of the board of directors and the board of supervisors. The first meeting of the seventh board of directors and the board of supervisors respectively held, and the board of directors and the board of supervisors were elected. The leadership team hired a new management team. Chen Jinghe was elected chairman of the seventh board of directors, Zou Laichang was elected president of the company, and Lin Shuiqing was elected chairman of the seventh supervisory board.

According to the election and appointment results, the members of the 7th board of directors are:

Executive Director and Chairman Chen Jinghe, Executive Director and Vice Chairman Lan Fusheng, Executive Directors Zou Laichang, Lin Hongfu, Lin Hongying, Xie Xionghui, Non-executive Director Li Jian, Independent Directors Zhu Guang, Mao Jingwen, Li Changqing, He Fulong, and Sun Wende.

The members of the 7th Supervisory Board are: Chairman Lin Shuiqing, Vice Chairman Fan Wensheng, External Supervisor Xu Qiang, and Employee Supervisors Liu Wenhong and Cao Sanxing elected by the Workers' Congress.

The members of the management team are: President Zou Laichang, Executive Vice President Lin Hongfu, Vice Presidents Lin Hongying, Xie Xionghui, Shen Shaoyang, Long Yi, and Chao Chaoyang, Chief Financial Officer Wu Honghui, Chief Engineer Jiang Kaixi, and Board Secretary Zheng Youcheng.

The General Assembly believed that the new election of the Board of Directors and Supervisors added fresh blood on the basis of overall stability. The members of the new leadership team were young and strong, and most of them had grass-roots first-line experience and overseas work experience, and had accumulated in project construction and operation management. The strong leadership management team, which has rich and successful experience, loyalty, dedication to the company, and the courage to take on responsibility, will contribute to the company's explosive growth in the next three years.