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Zijin Mining reached 9 national green mines

Zijin News  Zijin News This month, the Ministry of Natural Resources released the latest national green mines list. Zijin Mining has added 4 national green mines, with a total of 9 mines.

Four new national green mines were newly added: Shanxi Zijin, Luoning Huatai Luyuangou Gold Mine, Yuanyang Huaxi Daping Gold Mine, and Qinghai Weisite Copper Deerni Copper Mine. The original five national mines are: Wuping Zijin Yueyang Silver Polymetallic Mine, Zijinshan Gold & Copper Mine, Zijin Zhenfeng County Shuiyindong Gold Mine, Ashele Copper Xinjiang Asher Copper Mine, Jinbao Mining Xinjiang Fuyun Mengku Iron Mine No. 10-22 iron ore.

In recent years, Zijin Mining has comprehensively strengthened the construction of green mines, actively promoted the ownership units to create “high-value” modern green mines, continued to implement environmental order management, adopted a circular economy as the starting point for development, and scientifically utilized solid waste and wastewater. Significant results have been achieved in cleaner production and the establishment of a production model with high efficiency, low energy consumption, and low emissions.