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Serbian President Vučić Meets with 40 Female Employees of Zijin Mining

Zijin News - Forty female staff members of Zijin’s Serbian affiliates attended an event in celebration of the Miners’ Day, at the invitation of the President’s Office of the country.

They were met by President Aleksandar Vučić, who thanked the miners for their hard work and dedication.

During the event, President Vučić said that Zijin is the largest exporter of Serbia, and that it will be in a stronger position with the development of the Čukaru Peki project.

He further noted that mining brings Serbia its largest exporting company and the best results in exports. He anticipated mining as a share of GDP to grow from 1.9% to about 3.5 to 4% in the coming years.

An important European investment destination of Zijin, Serbia is home to two Zijin affiliates - Serbia Zijin Copper and Serbia Zijin Mining.

Serbia Zijin Copper used to be an established company with over 5000 employees, and suffered from losses for years.

After Zijin got involved in its operations, the “Five-in-One” mining model was introduced to improve its management and technical capacity. The business was turned around in less than six months, and is now in the process of upgrade and expansion.

The Čukaru Peki copper-gold mine, the core asset of Serbia Zijin Mining, began trial production in June and is expected to transition from mine construction to production in September.

The two Serbian projects pursue common, green and sustainable development, and actively work to meet ESG requirements.

While ensuring good HSE performance, and engaging in afforestation and revegetation, they also earnestly fulfill their social responsibilities and prioritize the protection of workers’ rights.

In the two companies, female employees make up about one-sixth of the entire workforce, with several women holding important positions.