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Zijin is dedicated to building a safety culture to achieve a zero-incident work environment. The safety of our people is a priority that can never be compromised, and we believe that work-related incidents are preventable.

The company has implemented various policies, including safety training programs, risk assessment processes, and ongoing safety improvement. We have excellent communication channels to promptly update our employees with the latest safety procedures. 


 We emphasize the responsibility each worker has for  own health and safety. We work on building a culture of risk awareness and proactive hazard reduction across our operations. Zijin empowers employees to stop work immediately if they believe their work to be unsafe. A special incentive system has been put into effect for safe work.

Safety Policy

At Zijin we integrate safety considerations into all aspects of our planning, operations and processes. We identify and assess potential risks associated with each operation and document procedures to minimize these risks. The company investigates every health and safety incident and implement actions to prevent recurrence. We set targets and allocate resources to continually improve safety performance.


Zijin conducts regular and random safety inspections, including quarterly inspection of the company, monthly inspection of the mines and plants, weekly inspection of the branches, daily inspection of the teams, as well as relevant random inspection. Problems are resolved as soon as possible.

Safety Training

 We work on training all personnel associated with the operation to ensure they are aware of their specific safety responsibilities. Newly-recruited personnel receive forty hours of Safety Training at three levels. Regular safety education is carried out, including onsite safety education.

Risk Management

At Zijin we put great emphasis on prevention of danger. An open pit operation does not begin until all mining units undergo a technical safety disclosure. Safety protocol for blasting is strictly implemented to prevent danger of collapse. An effective flood control system has been formed to prevent water from entering industrial sites. The use of hot and chemical materials is supervised and double-checked, and we conduct regular safety evaluations on the storage of these materials.

Emergency Response

Zijin is equipped with an emergency team, emergency contingency plans, and various emergency equipment and facilities that we continue to update. Every June we have Safe Production Month where fire drills are carried out.