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We firmly uphold the safety idea of “life comes first” and set safety and health as the Company’s core values. Based on safety risk management and control, the Company has built up an occupational health and safety management system and formulated “Zijin 10 Safety Rules”, “Red Line Management Regulations” and other rules. By innovating safety and management measures, strengthening process management and control, enforcing risk stratification control and management, hidden danger removal, inspection and management, setting three lines of defense for emergency response systems, the safety of staff, subcontractors and the communities where the enterprises are situated are secured.

We insist on safety management in compliance with laws and regulations. The Company’s projects inside the PRC rigorously follow the Production Safety Law of the PRC and other laws, regulations, ordinances, specifications and standards. The Company’s projects outside the PRC rigorously follow the laws and regulations of the countries where they are situated, for example, Labour Code and Occupation Safety and Health Law of Serbia, Labour Code and Mining Code of the DR Congo, Labour Code of the Republic of Tajikistan, Mines Safety and Inspection Act and Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Act of Australia and other laws, regulations and standards on production safety of several countries.

In 2019, the Company invested RMB775 million in safety projects. The Company’s loss time rate per a million working hours (including subcontractors), loss time and injury frequency rate per a million working hours and recordable incident rate per a million working hours was 251, 0.9 and 1.4 respectively. The Company’s Zijinshan Gold and Copper Mine, Zijin Copper, Urad Rear Banner Zijin, Shanxi Zijin, Zijin Gold Smelting, Ashele Copper, Fujian Zijin Copper, Wupin Zijin, Bayannur Zijin, Luoning Huatai, Zijin Construction Company, Jilin Zijin Copper, Zijin Bor in Serbia and other subsidiaries have passed the certification of OHSAS 18001, Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series.


    ■Safety training

    The Company organises various activities like communication conferences for safety directors, training courses for internal safety trainers, safety promotion seminars, Production Safety Month, emergency drills, mutual learning and benchmarking of entities to provide specific knowledge on prevention of flooding and geological disasters, occupational disease prevention, safety and environmental protection training to staff, raising their knowledge on safety and environmental protection. The Company also arranges “everyone should be qualified” internal safety assessments. Staff can only work after passing the assessments and obtaining the permits.

    ■Occupational health

    We insist on the working direction of “prevention as the focus and combine caution and management” to prevent occupational diseases, implement “three simultaneous” for occupational disease prevention at construction projects, prevent and control factors causing occupational hazards at the source and secure the health of staff according to the laws. We require our mines and refining entities to formulate constant monitoring mechanism for positions with high risk of occupational diseases and hazards, define monitoring cycles and set up monitoring accounts. Occupational health check is regularly provided to staff, and every staff has his own file for occupational health monitoring purpose. Job rotation and change-of-shift mechanisms are enacted for personnel exposing to occupational disease hazards to lower the risks of occupational hazards.

In order to reduce dust and noise and improve working environment, the subsidiaries adopt wet rock drilling, dust removers, noise suppressors, closed operating rooms, etc. to practically raise the passing rate of dust concentration and noise intensity at workplace, and provide the staff with a better working environment.


    ■ Safety management of subcontractors

    The Company includes subcontractors into its unified safety management system, and implements the “Four Sames” unified management model comprising “same treatment, same management methods, same requirements and same improvement”. In September 2019, the China Occupational Safety and Health Management On-site Meeting was convened in Habahe County, Aletai Region, Xinjiang. The experience of occupational health and safety management of the Company’s subsidiary, Ashele Copper, was the highlight of promotion at the on-site meeting. “The Innovative Development Model of Ashele Copper’s Occupational Health and Safety Management” research project was set up. Ashele Copper’s successful way of managing the safety of subcontractors was promoted within the industry.