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Our Approach
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Core Value

Commitment: Develop Our Business Based on Mining and Carry out Our Social Responsibility

We develop our business based on mining industry, which is the main strength and advantage of our company, and we also uphold our commitment to social responsibility.


Vision: To Be a World-Class Gold and Nonferrous Metals Producer

We draw up the vision to be a globally outstanding producer of gold and nonferrous metals, which will guide us in ‘go global’ strive based on our domestic marketing efforts.


Mission: Produce Quality Metals and Contribute to the Growth of China and World‘s Economy

We take it as a basic mission to make contributions to domestic and global economic growth. The vast outlook and broad vision will drive us to endeavor and press forward.


Strategic Objective: Develop a High Technology-intensive Profitable International Mining Group

We aim much higher by emphasizing high-tech and high profit. After these two "high" standards are achieved, we will get close to being a large and strong international mining group.

Values: Sustainable Development and Building Harmonious Society

Based on our belief of “Harmony begets wealth”, we dedicate ourselves to creating a harmonious environment for the company, the employees, and the community.


Spirit: Carve out through Utmost Fortitude and Stand out through Continuous Innovation.

We know very well the value of hardworking, enterprising, pioneering and innovation, and we will strive for the splendid achievements and bright future with the spirits.


Business Concept: Human Orientation and Pursuance of Excellence

The concept “human-oriented” is present in every aspect of our business operation, the object, the means and the purposes while we run after excellence for management, products and credit.


Staff Principles: Integrity and Responsibility

We require our staff to be creditable and honest in the job, and integrity makes responsibility possible.


Supplementary Part

Management Philosophy: Provide "golden products" and strive for a win-win situation

Working Style: Pragmaticism, precision and efficiency

Morality: Creditability

Human Resources Management: Establish a performance-based competition system and provide employees with fair opportunities for development

Innovation: Emphasizing incorporation of science and practice

Quality: High quality

Science and Technology: Science and technology creates Zijin Mining

Efficiency: Profit is our core benefit

Security: Life is more valuable than gold and the safe working environment guarantees the development of the company

Learning: Learning is a key to success

Environmental Protection: We pursue gold and silver, but care more about clear water and green mountains