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Mineral resources are the “food” for industrial development, and mining industry serves as the base industry for national economy. As a responsible corporate citizen in the mining industry, Zijin Mining sticks to integrating the practice of environmental, social and governance responsibilities into corporate development, forming the value of “creating wealth in harmony, balancing development of the corporation, the employees and the society”, implementing the original aspiration and mission of “make contribution to the society by the development of mining industry” and proactively contributing to promoting and building a community with shared future in global project locations of the Company as well as other aspects.

Mr. Chen Jinghe, the Company’s chairman

Vision and ideology for social responsibility

Our social responsibility mission: Make contribution to the society by the development of mining industry

Our social responsibility vision: To become a globally important gold and metal raw material producer, gain broad recognition from mining counterparts, stakeholders and employees worldwide

Our social responsibility value: Creating wealth in harmony, balancing development of the corporation, the employees and the society

Our policy on environmental protection and safety: Life comes first, giving priority to environmental protection

Our rules for employees: Integrity, diligence, cooperation and friendship

Management system of social responsibilities

Under the leadership of the Board and the management, Zijin Mining has established a unified, effective organisation and management system of social responsibilities based on three aspects, namely decision-making, operation and execution.

Risk management

For the purpose of continuously managing and lowering the risks on the economy, society and environment possibly arising from corporate operation, the Company compiles “Social Responsibility Risk Diagnosis Service and Internal Supervision on Responsibility Fulfillment Handbook” in accordance with the supervisory rules of the stock exchanges of Shanghai and Hong Kong, social responsibility management systems including ISO 26000 - Guidance on social responsibility, SA8000 - Social accountability, the Global Compact’s Ten Principles, United Nations’ Norms on the Responsibilities of Transnational. Corporations and Other Business Enterprises with Regard to Human Rights, the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights issued by the United Nations, etc. A review system comprising of eight responsibility issues and forty indicators is formed. Areas with potential risks including compliance of laws and regulations, environmental quality and occupational health and safety, community development and communication, responsible supply chain, employee rights, human rights, information disclosure, etc. are the key items to be assessed. The Company also regularly supervises its enterprises to implement effective measures on risk control and management, elimination, review and management of hidden dangers.

Stakeholder engagement