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Community investment

2019,we donated RMB178 million to community through cash or material donations. The Company was awarded the titles of “Top Ten Charity Enterprises in China”, “Advanced Enterprise of ‘One Thousand Enterprises Aiding One Thousand Villages’ Precise Poverty Alleviation Campaign of Fujian Province” and received the Special Contribution Award of Project Hope and other awards, receiving wide recognition from the society.


Localisation and diversification

We adhere to localisation and diversification employment policies, and treat employees of different nationalities, races, genders, religions and cultural backgrounds equally and fairly. In China, we rigorously implement localisation of employment and actively provides employment for impoverished ethnic minority groups in Xinjiang, Qinghai and Inner Mongolia to promote the development of national unity and progress. In overseas, we follow the localised employment policy. The localisation rate of employees (local employees of the countries where the projects are situated) reaches as high as 95%, solving the employment problem of the places where the projects are located and also cultivating talents for the sustainable development of the local economy.


Precise poverty alleviation

Domestically, the Company successfully implemented the “Shanghang County Elderly and Orphan Relief Project” for the ninth consecutive year, with an accumulated investment of more than RMB90 million. In April 2019, the Company was awarded the “Top Ten China Charity Enterprises”, which was awarded for the second time since 2013.

In Asia, while Altynken in Kyrgyzstan produced 1 ounce of gold, USD7.50 will be injected into the local future development fund for community development. Since 2015, approximately RMB17.2191 million in total has been donated.


Industrial development

In Oceania, Porgera JV in Papua New Guinea actively participates in major community construction, invests in local hospitals, provides trainings on agricultural skills to local residents and subsidises post-earthquake reconstruction, for helping the local residents live better lives.

In Africa, Kamoa Copper SA in the DR Congo assists local chicken breeding bases and vegetable planting, providing employment opportunities to many local families, which effectively improve the living standards of the villagers.


Educational aids

In Europe, Zijin Bor in Serbia proactively implements scholarship donations to local schools, school infrastructure improvement and other community projects according to community traditions. In 2019, Zijin Bor donated USD137 thousand to the local communities.

In Oceania, Norton in Australia specially sponsored AUD100 thousand for Chinese language education project of Kalgoorlie Primary School, which facilitated cultural exchange between the two countries. It was highly praised by the local media.

In Africa, COMMUS in the DR Congo invested in infrastructure improvements such as roads, bridges, wells, library, and electricity towers for the community. In 2019, the Company paid various taxes and fees of approximately USD150 million according to laws.

In Asia, Longxing in Tuva, Russia makes various contributions in the aspects of construction of a harmonious community, poverty alleviation, caring for patients and the disabled, makes donations to build schools and educational aids, sports development in Tuva, etc., which was highly praised by the head of Tuva. The Company has accumulatively contributed USD775 million to the host country since its entry to Tuva.



From 2017 to 2019, in order to improve the living condition of more than 2,100 residents in Jingmei Village which is adjacent to the Zijinshan mining area, we provided funds for relocation of the whole village. The project is close to completion.


Established Zijin Mining Charity Foundation to create a public welfare platform

In order to conduct charitable activities in a more standardised manner and create a charitable public welfare platform for the mining industry, the Company invested RMB200 million on its own in August 2012 to establish the Zijin Mining Charity Foundation (the “Foundation”) at the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC. Based on the cultural concept of “love, concentration, sharing, harmony” as the cornerstones, focusing on the purpose and business scope of poverty alleviation and relief, educational aids, environmental protection, disaster relief, the Company carries out public welfare charities in different fields and proactively spreads positive energy. In 2019, the Foundation launched more than 50 public welfare projects and spent more than RMB30 million in charities, which was recognised by the administrative authority of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC. The Foundation successfully passed the annual inspection of the Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC in 2018 and was recognised as a charitable organisation. It was awarded the “Self-disciplined and Transparent Award” and the “Special Contribution Award of Project Hope” for the third consecutive year.


Established Zijin Mining College to cultivate talents in mining industry

In order to promote the development of and provide outstanding talents to the mining industry, Zijin Mining College was jointly established by the Company and the “double first-tier” college in China, Fuzhou University, in 2007. The Company fully supported Zijin Mining College to provide education for more than 10 years, invested RMB150 million to build a teaching base, donated more than RMB20 million in educational aids, selected 6 batches of outstanding professional and core technological personnel as engineering teachers to participate in college teaching, initiated the “Zijin Model” of “school construction and education supported by the enterprise, school running process participated by the enterprise, the effectiveness of school running inspected by the enterprise”. This model was rated as “Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program” by the Ministry of Education of the PRC and awarded the “Education National Teaching Achievement Award (Higher Education) Second Class Award”, “National Education Reform and Innovation Excellence Award”, “Fujian Province Demonstrative Industrial College”, “Fujian Province Education Achievement Special Award” and other awards. The Zijin Mining Teaching Base donated by the Company was also rated as “National Engineering Practice Education Centre”. Since the establishment of Zijin Mining College, more than 2,000 high-quality talents were cultivated for the mining industry domestically and globally.


Established Zijin Secondary School to contribute to the community

High-quality educational resources have become increasingly tense in Shanghang County, where the Company’s headquarters is located, and also the surrounding mountainous areas. The demand for education development of the community increased day by day. In order to give back to the local community residents, the Company invested in the establishment of a non-profit secondary school, Zijin Secondary School, in September 2018. Since its establishment, the school’s teaching quality ranks top in the county.

In order to meet the needs of education for the children of community residents in the surrounding areas, the Company launched the construction project of the new campus of Zijin Secondary School in 2019. The planned land area is 156,000 square metres, and a total of 72 classes are planned to be formed, to accommodate 3,600 students in total.