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Social Responsibility
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At Zijin, we are dedicated to operating our mines responsibly. We prioritize sustaining harmonious relationships with local communities while reducing our ecological footprint. By upholding our commitment to responsibility, we protect our license to operate so that we may continue to generate wealth for our employees, our host communities, and our shareholders. Thus, responsible mining is a business imperative and the cornerstone of Zijin operations.

We commit ourselves to develop not only our mines but also the communities in which we operate. By sharing the wealth we generate with local communities and building harmonious relationships, we maintain long-term sustainability for our operations.

Zijin strives to improve local socio-economic conditions by providing employment and training and supporting education and infrastructure. The company respect local heritage and cultures and we commit ourselves to international human rights standards everywhere we operate. We seek to establish long-term, sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships with the communities in which we operate.


Zijin has paid 5 billion USD in taxes, donated 359 million USD, and created 23 000 jobs. We have been named as one of China’s “Top 10 Benevolent Companies” and we are a three-time winner of the “China Charity Award”.

Community Development

Zijin engages with local communities through paying taxes, employing locally, and working with local suppliers. We sponsor skill training programs, help disadvantaged people, and contribute to natural disasters relief. The company supports local organizations and activities and we implement various cultural awareness programs.

Stakeholder Engagement

At Zijin we believe in building relationships based on dialogue and mutual trust. The company welcome inputs from local communities to identify their needs and concerns. We value sustainable and constructive cooperation with host governments, indigenous groups, non-governmental organizations, and individuals.

Skill Training

At Zijin we understand the value of education opportunities for local communities. Zijin Mining School was established in cooperation with Fuzhou University to provide well-trained mining professionals. The company also hosts science lectures and field trips.

Infrastructure Construction

Zijin develops local communities sustainably by alleviating poverty, providing education, and constructing infrastructure. We build schools and support disadvantaged students. The company sponsors skill trainings, bringing agricultural expertise and other trade skills to local people. The company invests in various projects to develop irrigated farmland, construct roads and housing, and plan water and energy supply. Zijin has also provided aid for a number of natural disaster relief efforts.