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State Key Lab 

The State Key Laboratory of comprehensive utilization of low grade refractory gold ores is a national standard laboratory and was ratified by the Ministry of Science and Technology (National Science Development Foundation [2010]718) in 2010. It is the R&D Division within Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd. It is comprised of Zijin Mining and Metallurgy Research and Design Institute, Xiamen Zijin Mining and Metallurgy Technology Company and Fujian Zijin Mining and Metallurgy Testing Company. To date, 130 professionals including 46 Professor level senior engineers, 13 PhDs and 63 masters are employed.

The State Key Laboratory focuses on the needs of technology development & advancement and on the resolution of multi-disciplinary complex technical problems currently limiting the exploitation and utilization of gold resources in China. Research is based on the characteristics of low grade refractory gold resources and comprehensive utilization technologies. The roles of the Laboratory are summarized as follows.

Focus on low-grade refractory gold resources utilization, mine information, efficient extraction & processing, environmental protection and waste utilization

Research and engineering technology development

Identify process improvement and offer solutions to the Group’s current business challenges

Carry out analytical testing services for projects, Group operations and external clients

Technology exchange and training through co-operation with universities