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Serbia Zijin Copper

Ownership: 63%


Bor, Serbia



Project status

In   operation + Under expansion

Deposit Type

Porphyry   Cu-Au+HS Epithermal

Reserves & resources

Contained   copper of 10.12Mt with grade of 0.40% and gold of 360t with grade of 0.14g/t

Mining & Processing   methods

Open-pit   mining + underground mining + gravity Separation + flotation

2020 production

52,000   tonnes of mined copper, including 46, 900 tonnes of copper cathodes

Serbia Zijin Copper has four copper mines - JM, VK, NC and MS, and a smelter.  The mines are located in the Eurasian metallogenic belt, with good metallogenic prospects and great potential for further discoveries. The project, once loss-making, was quickly turned around by Zijin in 2018 after its take-over. Serbia Zijin Copper is accelerating the technical upgrading and expansion of its 4 mines and the smelter. After completion, the company will produce 120,000 tonnes of mined copper and 180,000 tonnes of copper cathodes.