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Julong Copper



Mozhugongka County, Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region



Project status

Under   construction

Deposit Type

Porphyry   Cu


Contained   copper of 10.72Mt with grade of 0.40%


Open-pit   mining +flotation

Tibet Julong Copper holds three mining rights: the Qulong Copper and Polymetallic Mine, the Rongmucuola Copper Mine and the Zhibula Copper and Polymetallic Mine. There are many low-grade copper resources in the Julong Copper Mining Area, and its long-term resource reserves are expected to exceed 20 million tonnes.

The Qulong Copper Complex is planned to be a large, open-pit mining area, and will be constructed in two stages, with Phase I scheduled to be completed and put into operation by the end of 2021. After reaching its designed capacity, the mine’s annual copper output is estimated to be about 160,000 tonnes. Phase II is designed for a daily capacity of 300,000 tonnes, with an annual copper output of 260,000 tonnes. Phase I construction of the Qulong project is now progressing smoothly, with 67% of the project completed. Mining infrastructure construction and waste stripping resumed in October 2020.

The mining and processing project of the Zhibula Copper and Polymetallic Mine has been completed. Trail production at the mine has commenced.