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Zijin Mining 2020 Annual Shareholders Meeting

Zijin News - Zijin Mining hold 2020 annual shareholders meeting in Shanghang on 28th May 2021. The meeting was presented by Chairman Chen Jinghe. Shareholders have attended the meeting and ask questions about price trend of gold and copper, the progress of key projects, stock incentives plan, ESG performance, and so on.

In year 2020, financial performance of Zijin Mining has set a historical record. The company has realized a total revenue of 171.5billions RMB, a profit of 10.8billions RMB, the profit attributed to major shareholders of 6.5billions RMB and an operating cash flow of 14.3billions RMB. The capital market recognized the astonishing performance of the company. The market value of the company has increased from 114.8billions RMB to 224.9billions RMB by the end of year 2020. Despite Covid-19, oversea businesses of company continued to increase strongly. Nearly half of company’s revenue and profit are contributed by oversea businesses.

In first quarter of this year, Zijin Mining continued its rapid growth. The company has realized a total profit of 4.4billions RMB, the profit attributed to major shareholders of 2.5billions RMB and an operation cash flow of 5.3billions RMB.