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President Zou Laichang Joins 2021 Forbes China Best CEOs List

Zijin News - Zou Laichang, President of Zijin Mining Group, made it to the Forbes China’s Best CEOs List, an annual ranking of the country’s top 50 CEOs published on July 15. President Zou ranks 10th on the list and is No.1 among CEOs of mining companies tabulated. Many Chinese companies are becoming ever more successful amid the global economic recovery in the post-pandemic era.

Zijin’s employees, led by our Group’s management with Zou Laichang at the helm, worked assiduously in 2020 and delivered impressive results in COVID-19 containment, production and operation, as well as in project construction and M&A. Such performance significantly consolidated Zijin’s standing as a leader in China’s metals mining industry.

In 2021, our growth momentum remains strong. In the first half of the year, our net profit attributable to the parent company hit a record high - estimated between RMB 6.2 to 6.6 billion, up 156-173% year-on-year, and more or less equal to our attributable net profit in 2020(RMB 6.5 billion).

Zijing Mining ranks 398th on this year’s Forbes Global 2020 List, joining the ranks of the top 500 companies for the first time. According to the Forbes list, Zijin is No.9 among global metals miners, and No. 3 among the world’s gold companies.