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Kyrgyz MPs Applaud Zijin’s Altynken Operation

Zijin News - On July 14, a Kyrgyz parliamentary delegation headed by national MP Zamirbek Sadybakasovich visited the Taldybulak Levoberezhny gold mine, a project operated by Zijin’s local affiliate Altynken. Impressed by how well the environment is protected at the mine, the MPs said the garden-like mine site is one of a kind in Kyrgyzstan.

The MPs visited the project’s mining and processing facilities, its new shaft, and employee welfare facilities. They were also briefed on the mine’s production activities, and how it ensures safety and protects the environment.

The MPs were pleased with how the mine is developed, its HSE performance and employee welfare services, saying that it’s a green, well-maintained mine with clean, tidy working spaces for mining and processing.

The delegation thanked Zijin Mining and Altynken for their contribution to the economic and social development in the country and expressed intentions to work closely with Zijin, to deliver more win-win results.

The Taldybulak Levoberezhny mine operated by Altynken is the second largest gold mine in Kyrgyzstan. Located in the West Tianshan gold-copper orogenic belt of Central Asia, the project has a daily processing capacity of 2,500 tonnes.

In 2020, it produced 4.198 tonnes of gold and paid more than 40 million dollars in local taxes. Altynken ranks third among the top 200 companies in Kyrgyzstan.