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Labor Management

Human resource is the most important resource. We create value through labor. Respect for talent and caring for our employees are fundamentally about respect for humanity and human rights. We value our employees - this is a crucial part of our respect for human rights and human value. This is rooted in our company’s target management and daily operations, as we put the people-oriented concept into practice throughout the process.  

Major performance in 2020:
  • 36860
    The monthly average number of staff (including foreign staff overseas) in our company is 36,860. The signature rate of staff labor contract and social insurance coverage in our company is 100%. Female staff accounts for 16.14%.
  • 20%
    salary increase
    The company introduces the occupational pension rule and adopts the plan of “salary increase”: non-administrative staff’s salary increased by over 20% in 2020. Administrative staff’s salary increased by 12% in 2020.
  • 95%
    localization ratio
    The staff members in host countries account for 95% and the localization rate of staff in China is 100%.
  • 93%
    staff trained
    In terms of the staff occupational development training, 93.1% of senior administrative personnel have received training with an average duration as 25.4 hours. And 93.2% of middle-level administrative personnel have received training with an average duration as 27.1 hours. For common employees, 93% of them have received training with an average duration as 27.7 hours.
Our Methods:
  • Policy and management rules
    1.We formulated and released the Policy Statement on Human Resource Management to explain our commitment and methods. Also, we laid down many rules regarding human resource management to guarantee the basic rights and interests of employees. These rules include: salary and layoff, recruitment and promotion, working hour, vacation, equal opportunity, freedom of association, diversification and tolerance, anti-discrimination, prohibition of using child labor and support for female.
    Policy and management rules
  • Salary and welfare
    We’ve always been following the concept of “sharing development achievement with employees”. And we’ve established a salary structure conducive to employee development. This structure is built upon basic salary along with performance bonus, allowance, and benefit. Besides, we’ve set up the salary increase mechanism on the basis of the point system. Our company ensures our employee salary level outperforms the minimum salary and mandated benefits (such as employee pension, medical service and unemployment security) in host countries. Under such premise, the company also offers a comprehensive salary plan covering all levels of employees. The plan includes “salary, benefits, career development and balance between work and life” and so on. Our company gives back to employees by way of material and mental resources. The former includes monetary welfare like salary, performance bonus and non-monetary welfare like paid vacation and education opportunity. The latter involves growth, balance and care, etc.
    Salary and welfare
  • Training and education
    We’ve realized the development of employees serves as the cornerstone of enterprise success. It is significant for company’s sustainable development to provide correct continuous education and skill training for employees. Keeping up with the international trend, we’ve formulated Measures of Training Management and established education and training policy with a sound system, and complete and large coverage. Also, we’ve actively mapped out staff career plan to build and maintain a team of staff equipped with proper skills and great performance. It may help us achieve our business strategy.
    Training and education
  • Diversification and equal opportunity
    We follow the policy of local recruitment and diversification and offer equal employment opportunities to those in host country. Besides, we treat employees with different nationality, race, religion and cultural background on an equal footing. We also help host countries solve employment issue and nurture talents for its local sustainable economic development.
    Diversification and equal opportunity
  • Collective bargaining
    We value the role of employees in democratic management, democratic participation and democratic supervision. All businesses in our Group have built labor unions in China in accordance with laws and regulations. They regularly select staff representatives and conduct conferences attended by those representatives. The labor union represents staff and company to collectively negotiate and sign Collective Agreement on Staff Salary and Collective Staff Labor Contract. Beyond China, we’ve set up labor unions or other organizations protecting rights based on related laws and regulations in host countries. In so doing, we can protect the legal interests of staff in terms of recruitment, salary and welfare, rest and vacation, labor safety and health as well as social insurance, etc.
    Collective bargaining
  • Employee communication
    We highlight two-way communication with employees in a transparent way. Moreover, we’ve known and responded to staff’s expectation and aspiration by way of Employee Representative Conferences and the establishment of staff mailboxes. It may safeguard staff’s rights to know, participate, administer, vote and supervise. Thus, businesses can develop in a healthy and harmonious way. At present, we are building internal Internet platform to conduct staff satisfaction survey. The purpose is to communicate with staff in an honest and constructive manner.
    Employee communication