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Business Ethics and Anti-corruption

We are committed to conducting legitimate business operations with good faith, professionalism, honesty and integrity in all our business transactions and relationships. We prohibit any activities that may have negative impact on the company's integrity and reputation. It is our consistent stand to oppose corruption and bribery. From our perspective, corruption will lead to improper allocation of resources, damage the fairness of government and community decision-making, and destroy equal opportunities and business environment. With a "zero tolerance" attitude against corruption and fraud, we firmly oppose commercial bribery and other improper behaviors with external stakeholders, prohibit our employees from directly or indirectly delivering benefits to stakeholders in any form. Employees violating such rules will be punished severely and even dismissed.

Main performance in 2020:
  • 100%
    coverage of business ethics review for operations
    We have conducted comprehensive inspections on four wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries, and carried out 46 internal audits and inspections on key businesses and processes including construction project management, material procurement and sales, supply chain finance and trade, and compliance risk control of overseas projects. The supervision departments of 41 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries have conducted 191 internal inspections on their respective enterprises, covering all of our operations around the world.
  • 104
    inquiring-and-accusing letters received and dealt with
    We have received 104 inquiring-and-accusing letters of various types. According to the investigation results of the letters and problems found in internal inspection, we have conducted admonishing conversations with 79 employees who violated the rules, and taken disciplinary actions against 222 employees, of whom 12 were fired or had themselves resigned.
  • 33460
    Person-time training
    We have carried out 33,460 person-time business ethics training for internal employees, among which the coverage is 100% for senior management, 88.44% for middle management, and 63.96% for grassroots staff. We have also carried out 3202 person-time training for 517 critical suppliers and contractors of 37 wholly-owned and holding subsidiaries, covering 61.55 percent of the total.
Our Approaches:
  • Policies and Regulations
    We are committed to carrying out our business in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and the highest ethical standards. We have issued Policy Statement on Business Ethics Management, which provides regulations for every project, every employee, and every supplier and contractor we work with. With reference to relevant international and local laws and regulations, we have formulated policies, such as Measures on Supervision and Management, Measures on Administrative Punishments, Implementation of Inspections, Provisions on Integrity Practices, Regulations on Internal Audit, and Management of Complaints and Reporting, to reduce risks of internal fraud and commercial bribery.
    Policies and Regulations
  • Informant Reporting and Whistleblower Protection Mechanism
    We have issued Management Policy of Informant Reporting, formulated Management of Letter-Inquiring-and-Accusing, and established various forms of reporting approaches. We encourage all employees, suppliers and contractors to report any possible violations of ethical management principles and anti-corruption principles, including any suspected bribery or corruption. We will keep the information reported strictly confidential and protect the legitimate rights and interests of the whistleblowers in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
    Informant Reporting and Whistleblower Protection Mechanism
  • Supervision System
    To guarantee the independence of supervision team, we have established an internal supervision system featuring audit, supervision, internal control, compliance and legal affairs. Our headquarters set up the Supervision and Audit Office, which is the internal supervision administrative department and daily working organization of the Supervisory Committee of the company. Each controlled subsidiary has set up a supervision and audit department or a supervisor, which serves as an effective part of the group supervision system.
    Supervision System
  • Risk Assessment and Review
    We have established working mechanisms for risk identification, risk assessment and risk mitigation regarding business ethics, and have been constantly improving risk management, internal control and fraud prevention systems. We regularly conduct internal and external audits to review anti-corruption compliance at each link of our operations.
    Risk Assessment and Review
  • Training
    We are committed to conducting various business ethics training for all our employees, suppliers and contractors, which includes centralized courses, face to face conversation, anti-corruption case & film watching, attending the court hearings of corruption cases, internal violation case study, etc. And we will sign Anti-Corruption Agreement and Anti-Corruption Commitment with suppliers. We provide various and effective training programs for new employees, suppliers, newly promoted managers, employees in key and sensitive positions, management and part-time staff. It is ensured that all our employees, suppliers and contractors can receive proper training.