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Social Contribution

We believe that the future of our company is closely related to the sustainable development of the society. We have attached great importance to social and economic development of communities related to company operation, give full consideration to requirements of stakeholders, undertake due obligations in terms of community economic development, employment, taxation and charity, and actively engage in building "a community with shared future" at the project location.

Main Performance in 2020:
  • 21.409
    Total social contribution/billion RMB
  • 6.517
    Total tax paid to the host countrie/billion RMB
  • 3.559
    Total compensation paid to employees/billion RMB
  • 163.363
    Payment to suppliers/billion RMB
  • 166
    Community donations/million RMB
  • Resettlement
    For 2400 local residents of Jingmei Village adjacent to Zijinshan gold and copper mine in China, we have successfully completed the resettlement project including land and economic compensation. We helped them relocate from remote mountain area to urban area, provided them with legal compensation, formulated subsequent support plan, and offered training and job opportunities to restore and improve their living.
  • Economic development
    In the DRC, our project company has cooperated with 24 local suppliers and purchased goods worth up to US $85.85 million, which helps to promote local economic development.
  • Combating COVID-19
    Facing COVID-19 outbreak, we have taken a series of actions to support our communities to help them fight against the pandemic and protect their health and safety. In total, we have donated about 30 million RMB (22.539 million RMB cash and 6.4873 million RMB goods and materials) to governments, communities and epidemic prevention and control organizations of host countries. At headquarters in Fujian, through Zijin Mining Charity Foundation, we donated about 10 million RMB as subsidies to Fujian’s medical team for Hubei and as funds for procurement of epidemic prevention and control materials by counties of Longyan City, making active contributions to the fight against COVID-19.
  • Creating benefits
    In Kyrgyzstan, our local company has provided training for local suppliers of mining and mineral processing materials, improving the production capacity of local enterprises, and creating an annual local purchase amount of about 403 million KGS.
Social contribution:
Tax payments
Over 100 billion RMB yuan of taxes and levies paid to host countries
Dividend payments
Over 25 billion RMB yuan as dividends paid to shareholders
More than 100,000 job opportunities created for communities
Over 2.8 billion RMB yuan donated to local communities
Poverty alleviation
Help and support for over 5 million people living in poverty
Honors & Awards
The company has been awarded 3 times the "China Charity Award" by the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China, 2 times the title of "Top Ten Charity Enterprise" in China Charity List, as well as the "National May 1st Labor Certificate", "National Excellent Enterprise for Harmonious Labor Relations", "Bamin Charity Award", and "Outstanding Enterprise in Targeted Poverty Alleviation" under "1000-Enterprises Assisting 1000-Villages Project" in Fujian Province, etc.