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Community Involvement

We are engaged in various interactions with local communities in a form that conforms to the local culture, which includes having contact with tradition leaders, keeping alert to risks that may have negative impacts on women, children, aborigines and other disadvantaged or marginalized groups, and understanding requests from all groups, and integrate them into our local business operations.

Our Approaches:
  • Community development
    To ensure that the host community is provided with important opportunities to benefit from the company's operations, we have formulated Social Responsibility System and Foreign Donation System. Based on profound understanding of culture, politics and customs of the host country, we keep contributing to the harmonious development of the local community by implementing development plans in terms of poverty alleviation, education, medical care, industrial support, infrastructure construction, disaster relief and traditional culture. And we also promise that the annual investment in local community development will not be less than 1% of the company's net profit in the financial year.
    Community development
  • Resettlement
    By following the principles of resettlement and economic displacement outlined in the IFC performance standards and carrying out resettlement plans in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the host country, we try our best to avoid involuntary resettlement. If it is unavoidable, we will act according to the announced planning framework, conduct serious consultation with the affected communities, try our best to restore their original life, provide fair and timely compensation, and minimize the negative impact on the relocated residents.
  • Local procurement
    Considering the needs of local community, for materials with geographical advantages, our procurement process gives priority to procurement from local companies, thus to help them grow, increase local government taxation, and contribute to the economic development of the community.
    Local procurement
  • Local employment
    We attach importance to local employment, by creating jobs for local community as much as possible, and giving priority to the recruitment of local or adjacent community employees. The local employment plan not only increases the income of local people, but also further improve the relationship with local community.
    Local employment
Community Development Practices: