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Water Resources Management

It is a basic human right to have access to safe and clean water resources. We use water effectively and responsibly. We cooperate with local governments, communities and stakeholders when we do business in areas short of water. We try to take appropriate and feasible measures to improve water use efficiency and reduce water consumption as much as possible, including improving the recycling of water resources.

Main Performance in 2020:
  • The water consumption density in 2020 reduces by 2.03% compared with that in 2019.
    Our water resources management target is that: By 2030, the water consumption density can reduce by 10% compared with that in 2020.
Management Approach:
  • Policies and Rules
    We have issued the Statement of Water Resources Management Policy to show our responsible water use commitment and management approach.
    Policies and Rules
  • Management Measures
    In areas identified to be affected by or prone to water shortage, such as Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and some other provinces in China, our water resources management plan pays special attention to solving the problem of reduction in freshwater supply to local communities and ecosystems. The wastewater generated from our production is recycled in entirety to minimize the use of new water. Greening irrigation system is also changed to drip irrigation and micro sprinkler systems, so as to improve the water use efficiency and reduce unreasonable waste.
    Management Measures
  • Risk Assessment
    We have business spreading to the five continents and many different climate zones, which means that different enterprises have to take different measures to meet the above commitments. All of our enterprises do water analysis and assessment before using water, especially those enterprises that directly take water from rivers, lakes or underground. They have the Water Resources Demonstration Report, in which they have analysis about the current situation of water resources development in the project sites, the rationality of water utilization, the impact of water resources development and utilization on water resources condition and other water users, as well as water resources protection measures. They evaluate the rationality of the measures.
    Risk Assessment
  • Monitoring
    In order to ensure the safety of the river basin and groundwater in the project site, our project sites are far away from headwaters. We monitor the quality of water at least once a quarter, so as to ensure a minimum impact on the river.