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Occupational health and safety

We consider nothing is even more important than health and life safety. It is the core of protecting human rights for us is to protect the health and safety concerning staff, contractor, supplier, community and related party. We’ve firmly established the safety concept of “life comes first”. Guided by “ten safety guidelines of Zijin Mining”, we put “zero work fatality and zero occupational disease” as our goal with occupational health and safety system development as the main task. Besides, we take safety risk management as the core and the implementation of safe production responsibility system for all staff as the key. Our goal is to continue to improve the level of safety capacity guarantee and inherent safety, and establish a long-term mechanism for safe production.

Major performance in 2020:
  • 0
    work fatality
    Target of health and safety: zero work fatality and zero newly-increase occupational disease. The loss time injury frequency (LTIF) reduces by 10% year-on-year and the total recordable incident rate (TRIR) decreases by 10% year-on-year.
    Achievement in 2020: By 2020, no work death happens among staff in businesses owned by our Group. LTIF drops by 66.7% year-on-year while TRIR declines by 42.9% year-on-year.
  • 43.2%
    coverage of certification
    Objective of ISO 45001 system certification: By 2022, we aim to realize the full coverage of ISO 45001 in production mine, smelting and processing-related businesses owned by our Group.
    Achievement in 2020: The coverage rate of ISO 45001 system certification reaches 43.2% in production mine, smelting and processing-related businesses owned by our Group. (19/44)
Our Methods:
  • Policy and system
    We release Policy Statement on Health and Safe Management to explain our responsible commitment to and methods of healthy and safe management. We regularly identify the relevant work safety and occupational health laws and regulations of the host country. And we compile and publish Compilation of Laws and Regulations on Safety Production for study and training by staff and contractors. We build report and complaint mechanism on occupational health and safety including staff, supplier, contractor and community at large. The report channels such as hot-line and mailbox have been published.
    Policy and system
  • Management structure
    We set up the occupational health safety management system led by Strategic and Sustainable Development (ESG) Committee of the board. Also, we formed the standardized and professional management structure comprised of ESG committee and safe production committee, headquarters emergency and safe production department and safety committee of branch (subsidiary) company.
    Management structure
  • System certification
    We are committed to building the leading system of occupational health and safe management with industry-leading practices and standards. We positively implement health and safety management system certifications like ISO 45001 and safe production standardization across the Group. And we continue to improve the level of occupational health and safe production management, while building the long-term mechanism of safe production. Our goal is to realize the full coverage of ISO 45001 in production mine and smelting and processing-related businesses owned by our Group in 2022.
    System certification
  • Integrating contractors into unified management
    We integrate suppliers and contractors into the system of occupational health and safe management. By following the management model featuring four aspects as the same emphasis, management, requirement and improvement, we conduct integrated management concerning safe production. Also, we strictly check the certification of suppliers and contractors, performance of safe production, team quality, supervision of construction and on-site management. Our aim is to realize unified policies and standards with cultural integration.
    Integrating contractors into unified management
  • Risk assessment and prevention
    We advance activities targeted at safe production to strengthen areas of weakness and plug up loopholes with preventative measures adopted beforehand. This helps control risks, remove hidden danger and prevent accidents in a systematic way. Furthermore, the dual prevention mechanism of graded risk control and hidden danger detection and management has been recognized and promoted by the government’s emergency management department. Focusing on weak links and key issues, we carry out “the theme activity per season and monthly movement” and highlight the prevention of and solution to major safety risks. As a result, we’ve enjoyed “improvement every month and achievement each season”. On the spot, we promote risk control and management featuring “work after risk identification” with “one paper, one certificate and two lists”. Meanwhile, we pay close attention to change management, standardizing risk identification and control of irregular operations involving temporary, sporadic and dangerous ones to ensure all operations are controlled throughout the whole process.
    Risk assessment and prevention
  • Improve work environment
    We are committed to constantly improving the work environment of our employees, adopting wet drilling, timely sprinkling water and dust after blasting operation, and strengthening ventilation. And we close and isolate the source of noise. Besides, we distribute dust masks, earplugs and other labor protection supplies. And we offer lounge and control room for workers to reduce their exposure to hazards. By adopting the “three simultaneous” strategy of occupational disease prevention equipment, we aim to prevent and control occupational hazardous factors from the origin and protect employee’s healthy rights and interests. We set up the normal monitoring mechanism of the factors of occupational hazards, identify the internal and external monitoring period and build the monitoring record. We organize staff to receive occupational health check on a regular basis and create “file per person” for occupational health monitoring. Moreover, we implement the mechanism of job rotation and replacement for those staff exposed to occupational disease hazards to reduce the occupational hazards. We actively promote automation and remote-control technology. And we promote online monitoring and early warning of occupational hazards such as dust, noise and harmful gases to effectively protect the occupational health and safety of employees.
    Improve work environment
  • Safety information-based and intelligent management
    We continue to improve essential safety capabilities and integrate information technology with safe production. Also, we prevent and mitigate possible impacts on occupational health and safety in workplace. For overcoming both physical and mental defects, integrating safety-related businesses and standardizing management behaviors, we research and develop the “safe information platform for all members in Zijin Mining”, realizing the early warning and forecast of safe production risk and whole-process control.
    Safety information-based and intelligent management
  • Training
    After summarizing our experience with pilot promotion and ongoing improvement, we build the safe training model (training, textbook, question bank, evaluation and selective acceptance) targeting at qualified work and continuous growth for staff. Besides, we require each employee to pass the safety training exam, build safety training exam platform and fix the model of safety training. We organize visualized safety training in a standardized and systematic way.