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As an important part of the Company's value, employee value has been rooted in the Company's target management and daily operation. The Company has developed a Policy Statement on Human Resources Management to clearly express to all levels of the operating system and all employees about the action expectations and compliance boundaries in handling issues of employee human rights. Meanwhile, the concerns about human rights are gradually extended to the Company's partners. The Company adheres to the principle of "Harmonious development of enterprises, employees and society", insists on the balance of "Material civilization and spiritual civilization", takes "Respecting the basic rights of employees" as the fundamental principle, and comprehensively implements the "People-oriented" concept through the establishment of rules and regulations.

The Company adheres to the localized and diversified employment policy and treats employees with different nationalities, races, genders, religious beliefs and cultural backgrounds fairly. The Company follows the localization employment policy at home and abroad. As of the end of 2019, the local hiring ratio of employees is as high as 95% in foreign countries and regions, and 99% in Mainland China.