Purpose, Values and Strategy
Purpose, Values and Strategy
Company Strength
  • Purpose
    Mining for a better society
  • Mission
    Providing the materials that improve standards of living in a low-carbon future
  • Vision
    To be a globally significant and well-respected producer of green minerals
  • Values
    Value Creation, Development for All
Strategic Priorities
  • Strategic Objective
    Strategic Objective
    To be a green, high-tech, leading global mining company
  • Strategic Priorities
    Strategic Priorities
    Going global, developing large projects, and securitizing assets;
    Focusing on mining, prioritizing mineral resources, and synergizing growth across segments;
    Pursuing development for all, driving green and low-carbon growth, and strengthening ESG performance.

Committed to Mining for a Better Society, we provide the materials that improve standards of living in a low-carbon future. Focusing on mining as our core business, we are working to increase our output of critical minerals and expand our global market share. We have also added battery metals to our portfolio and invested in the advanced materials industry prudently. Leveraging innovation, we strive to boost our performance in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) in line with international standards, and improve our health and safety management. This approach will not only enhance our reputation for green and eco-friendly mining but also help sharpen our competitive edge in the global mining industry.


Guided by the overarching principle of "improving quality, controlling costs, and boosting profitability", we will drive reforms to streamline our internal processes, ensuring they are both standardized and efficient. We will address the mismatch between our growing global footprint and our constrained Chinese way of thinking and management, to develop a leading global operational and management system with Zijin’s characteristics.


Our growth will also be fueled by our diverse global talent, strong corporate culture, and our operations in capital, finance, trading, and logistics. We plan to become a green, high-tech, first-tier global mining company by 2030 and a green, high-tech, leading global mining company by 2040. This will enable us to contribute further to the development of the mining industry and help build a better life for humanity.

By 2025, we aim to cut our greenhouse gas emissions per unit of industrial added value by 20% from our 2020 levels. By 2029, we will reduce our GHG emissions by 38%, striving to achieve the lowest energy consumption and carbon emissions per unit of output in the industry both in China and globally. We plan to peak our carbon emissions and reach carbon neutrality at certain model mines by 2029, while largely achieving group-wide carbon neutrality by 2050.