A Global, Top-Tier Metal with Timeless Value

    Gold has always been a precious metal valued throughout history.

    In terms of gold resources and output, Zijin Mining is a leader among listed miners in China and ranks among the top seven globally.  

    As a member of the World Gold Council, we are committed to responsible gold mining. We possess significant gold assets, such as the Liba Gold Mine in China, Rosebel Gold Mines in Suriname, and the Buriticá Gold Mine in Colombia. We also own medium-sized and large gold mines in Central Asia, Oceania, and other parts of South America and China, with our gold output growing rapidly.

    Additionally, we have developed associated businesses in gold refining, fabrication, and trading. The Zijin brand gold ingot is registered on the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) and the Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE). Our subsidiary, Zijin Mining Group Gold Smelting Co. Ltd, is an accredited gold refiner with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).


Gold, a natural currency, is characterized by its high liquidity and scarcity. To date, humanity has extracted only 200,000 tonnes of gold.

Gold is a hard currency, an investment vehicle, and a reserve asset. It is a strategic resource worldwide and the material basis for currencies. Central banks are a significant source of gold demand.

While gold continues to be highly sought after for accessories such as jewelry, it is also being innovatively used in technology, industries, and medical fields.

2023 Gold Figures
  • 3,465 tonnes
    Gold resources
  • 68 tonnes, up 20.2% YOY
    Output of mined gold
  • 250 tonnes, down 3.5% YOY
    Refined, fabricated, and traded gold
  • 42.1%
    42.1% of our total revenue (after adjustments)
  • 25.4%
    25.4% of our total gross profit
Gold assets
Flagship Mines