Zijin Mining is a significant producer of iron ore concentrate, cobalt, and sulfuric acid in China. Our sulfuric acid primarily comes as a by-product of our copper, zinc, and gold smelters.

    We also have world-class molybdenum assets, including the Jinzhai Molybdenum Mine in Anhui, which is the largest molybdenum deposit globally and is currently in the pre-construction preparation stage. Additionally, our Julong Copper Mine and Duobaoshan and Tongshan Copper Mines are projects with significant molybdenum output as a by-product.

2023 Figures
  • 2.42 million tonnes
    Iron ore concentrate
  • 8,124 tonnes
    Mined molybdenum
  • 3,571 tonnes
    Mined tungsten
  • 2,306 tonnes
    Mined cobalt
  • 3,370,367 tonnes
    Sulfuric acid as a by-product mined molybdenum