• 2023
    The Group’s 30th anniversary Released its Three-Year (2023-2025) Plan and 2030 Development Goals, And Climate Change Action Plan To achieve carbon peaking by 2029 and carbon neutrality by 2050
  • 2022
    Acquired a 20% interest in Zhaojin Mining And a 30% indirect interest in the Haiyu Gold Mine Holds a 44% combined interest in the
    Haiyu Gold Mine

    Acquired a 66% interest in the Xiangyuan Hard-rock Lithium Mine in Daoxian county, Hunan Province Acquired a 70% interest in the Lakkor Tso Lithium Project in Tibet Acquired 100% of the equity interest in the 3Q Lithium Project in Argentina Acquired a 15.02% interest in Fujian Longking Co., Ltd. And has control of the company

    Acquired a 95% interest in the
    Rosebel Gold Mine
  • 2021
    Released its Five-Year(2+3) Plan 2030 Development Goals Unveiled a three-step strategy for its development in the next 10 years,to become a green, high-tech, leading global mining company by 2030
  • 2020
    Acquired the Buriticá Gold Mine Acquired a 50.1% equity interest in Tibet Julong Copper Acquired 100% of the equity interest in the Aurora Gold Mine in Guyana
  • 2019
    Gained full ownership of the Timok Copper-Gold Mine in SerbiaAcquired 100% of equity interest in both the mine’s Upper Zone and its Lower Zone
  • 2018
    The Group’s 25th anniversary Announced the goal of “doubling Zijin’s market cap in five years” Acquired a 63% interest in the RTB Bor Group of Serbia Acquired stakes in the Timok Copper-Gold Mine in Serbia 100% of the interest in the Upper Zone and a 60.4% interest in the Lower Zone of the mine
  • 2017
    Acquired 100% of the equity interest in the Duobaoshan Copper Mine
  • 2016
    Overseas businesses started to deliver significant returns Increased its equity interest in the Kolwezi Copper Mine to 72%
  • 2015
    Acquired a 50% equity interest and 50% shareholders’ loans in Barrick Niugini Limited Acquired a 49.5% equity interest in Kamoa Holding Limited
  • 2013
    Achieved its second strategic goal of “becoming a leading metals miner in China”
  • 2008
    Got listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange(ticker code 601899) Raised RMB 9.8 billion.
    The Zijinshan Mine was officially recognized as the “Largest Gold Mine in China”
  • 2005
    Achieved its first strategic goal of “becoming a leading gold mining company in China” Began to expand its business overseas
  • 2003
    Got listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange(ticker code 2899) Raised HKD 1.2 billion and started to develop its business across China
  • 2000
    Converted into a joint-stock company Established the Fujian Zijin Mining Co., Ltd.
  • 1998
    Converted into a limited liability company
  • 1994
    Renamed as Fujian Minxi Zijin Mining Group Co., Ltd.
  • 1993
    Restructured and became Shanghang Zijin Mining Company Began to develop the Zijinshan Gold Mine
  • 1986
    Predecessor company Shanghang Minerals Company Was founded