Julong Copper Mine
Julong Copper Mine
Julong Copper Mine
Julong Copper Mine
Julong Copper Mine
  • Location
    Mozhugongka County, Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region
  • Ownership
  • Project status
    In Operation+ Under Expansion
  • Deposit Type
    Porphyry Cu
  • Mineral Resources (Inclusive of Mineral Reserves)
    Contained copper of 18.92Mt with grade of 0.33%, silver of 422.56Moz with grade of 2.51g/t, and molybdenum of 1.16Mt with grade of 0.02%
  • Mining & Processing methods
    Open-pit mining +flotation
  • 2022 Production
    Mined copper: 115kt; Mined Molybdenum: 2.33kt
  • Project Overview

    The project has a world-class, large-scale, and low-grade porphyry copper-molybdenum deposit. The mining area also contains a significant amount of low-grade refractory mineral resources, with promising potential for exploration and resource growth.

  • Debottlenecking and expansion

    The Phase I project of the Julong Copper Mine has been put into operation, with a daily processing capacity of 100,000 tonnes. The 150Ktpd expansion is currently underway. The second and third phases of the project are planned to be implemented, with preparations for a 200Ktpd expansion being advanced. Upon the completion of the second and third phases, the project is expected to mine and process approximately 200 million tonnes and produce 600,000 tonnes of copper per annum.

  • ESG

    The project aims to build a green, safe, cohesive, law-abiding, intelligent, and community-benefiting mining operation, adhering to the path of green and safe development. It continues to enhance its sustainable development capabilities, striving to forge a shared future with the local communities.

    The project has established a safety and emergency management system in high altitudes, tailored for production and construction to ensure the physical health of employees. It vigorously promotes the use of clean energy, carries out continuous ecological restoration, and implements monitoring of environmental impacts in the mining area. It attaches importance to biodiversity surveys and protection, and promotes harmonious coexistence with wild animals such as wolves, bears, deer, and eagles in the surrounding areas. The project has established a High-altitude 5G Smart Mine Integration and Innovation Laboratory on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and built the world’s first 5G private network base station at the highest altitude. It uses IT systems and intelligent technology in extraction and processing operations.

    The project shares the fruits of its growth with the local government and people through dividends payouts, labor outsourcing, industrial support, and local employment initiatives. It has also made significant contributions to the development of the host communities, rural revitalization, improvement of people’s livelihoods, emergency response and disaster relief, as well as science, education, culture, and healthcare.

  • M&A

    In 2020, Zijin Mining acquired a 50.1% interest in Julong Copper.