Xiangyuan Hard-Rock Lithium-containing Polymetallic Mine
Xiangyuan Hard-Rock Lithium-containing Polymetallic Mine
Xiangyuan Hard-Rock Lithium-containing Polymetallic Mine
Xiangyuan Hard-Rock Lithium-containing Polymetallic Mine

The Xiangyuan mine is a large, lithium-containing polymetallic mine rarely seen in China. The hard-rock mine contains low-grade lithium resources. Associated minerals include rubidium, cesium, tungsten, and tin. The mine has porphyry mineralization characteristics, primarily dominated by albitization with almost whole-rock mineralization. The ore body, a single massive columnar structure, is shallowly buried, making it amenable to open-pit mining. Significant mineralization anomalies are observed in the deep and peripheral zones, indicating considerable potential for further increases in resources.

Xiangyuan Hard-Rock Lithium-containing Polymetallic Mine
  • Location
    Daoxian County, Yongzhou City, Hunan Province
  • Ownership
  • Project status
    In production + under construction
  • Deposit type
    Greisen-type low-grade lithium-containing polymetallic deposit
  • Mineral Resources (Inclusive of Mineral Reserves)
    Contained lithium (LCE): 830,000 tonnes, Concentration: 1.06%
  • Mining and processing method
    Open-pit + underground mining + SABC + gravity separation + high-intensity magnetic separation + thickening + filtration
  • 2023 production
    Lithium (LCE): 2,903 tonnes
  • Construction plan

    Phase 1 of the project, with a mining and processing capacity of 300,000 tonnes per annum, has been completed. Phase 2, with a throughput of 5 million tonnes per annum is planned for completion by the second quarter of 2025. Its production commencement is subject to market conditions. Additionally, a battery-grade lithium carbonate smelter will be built, to establish integrated mining, processing, and smelting facilities.

  • M&A

    Zijin Mining acquired a 100% interest in the Xiangyuan Lithium-containing Polymetallic Mine through two transactions in 2022 and 2023.


The project supports the development of host communities and cultural heritage programs. It also contributes to the local economy and society. Local initiatives it has supported include the “Zijin Cup” Dragon Boat Race project, the construction of 12 lighting facilities for the basketball court of the Simaqiao High School, the preservation of minority cultural industries in Hongtangying Ethnic Yao Township, and local agricultural programs like high-altitude tea planting.