Sawaya’erdun Gold Mine
Sawaya’erdun Gold Mine
Sawaya'erdun Gold Mine
Sawaya’erdun Gold Mine
Sawaya’erdun Gold Mine
  • Location
    Wuqia County, Xinjiang
  • Ownership
  • Project status
    In preparation for construction
  • Deposit type
    Shallow metamorphic, medium-low temperature, infiltration hydrothermal gold deposit
  • Mineral Resources (Inclusive of Mineral Reserves)
    Contained 3.83Moz of gold with a grade of 1.56g/t
  • Mining & processing methods
    Open-pit and underground mining + biological pre-oxidation
  • Project overview

    The Sawaya’erdun Gold Mine is a rare ultra-large, undeveloped gold deposit in China, with more than 100 tonnes of gold contained in low-grade ores. It is situated in the Central Asian Orogenic Belt, an area with favorable gold metallogenic conditions. To date, twenty-one mineralized belts have been discovered in the mine, and there is potential for further discoveries at the depth of the deposit and its periphery.

  • Construction plan

    The project will first commence open-pit mining and then underground mining, with a design capacity of 2.4 tonnes per annum (including the processing of low-grade ores). The project's average annual gold output is estimated at around 3.3 tonnes after open-pit mining operations reach design capacity. Another 2.4 tonnes of gold production will be added after underground mining operations reach design capacity. Additionally, a hydrometallurgical plant will be built as a part of the project, with a design capacity to produce 5 tonnes of standard gold ingots per annum.

  • M&A

    In July 2022, Zijin Mining acquired a 70% interest in the Sawaya’erdun Gold Mine in Wuqia County, Kezilesu Kyrgyz Autonomous Prefecture, Xinjiang.