Lakkor Tso Lithium Project
Lakkor Tso Lithium Project
Lakkor Tso Lithium Project
Lakkor Tso Lithium Project
  • Location
    Gerze County, Ngari, Tibet
  • Ownership
  • Project status
    In preparation for construction
  • Deposit type
    Lithium brine
  • Resources
    2.14 million tonnes of LCE, with an average lithium ion concentration of 270 mg/L
  • Extraction method
    Absorption and membrane separation
  • Project overview
    Lakkor Tso is one of the few large, high-quality lithium brine deposits in China. The salar ranks top 5 in China and top 20 in the world in terms of resources. As lithium is contained in the lake water, its resources can be considered reserves. The project has huge amounts of recoverable resources, with a low magnesium-to-lithium ratio and high resource quality. In addition to lithium, the brine is also rich in minerals such as boron, potassium, halite, magnesium salt, rubidium and cesium. Meanwhile, the rich water resources around the lake, in particular rivers and other sources of surface water, can meet the project’s needs for industrial and domestic water.
  • Construction plan
    A 2016 project development plan sets its production capacity at 10,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate per annum. After site visits and technical research and experiments, it was found that the capacity could be further expanded, and the original extraction process could be replaced with a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective one - absorption and membrane separation. As a result, the project’s Phase 1 is now designed to produce up to 20,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate per annum, and the combined output will grow to 50,000Tpa after the commissioning of Phase 2.
  • ESG
    Solar power generation and energy storage systems are to be built.
  • M&A
    On April 29, 2022, Zijin Mining announced it would acquire a four assets package from DunAn Group for 7.682 billion yuan. The core asset is a 70% interest in the Lakkor Tso Lithium Salar in Tibet, worth 4.897 billion yuan.