Buriticá Gold Mine
Buriticá Gold Mine
Buriticá Gold Mine
Buriticá Gold Mine
  • Location
    Buriticá, Colombia
  • Ownership
  • Project status
    In operation + expansion
  • Deposit Type
    IS epithermal gold deposit
  • Reserves & resources
    Contained gold of 320t with grade of 6.93 g/t
  • Mining & Processing methods
    Underground mining + gravity separation + flotation
  • 2021 Production
    6.1 tonnes of mined gold
  • Project Overview
    The Buriticá Gold Mine in Colombia is among the world’s largest, ultra-high grade gold mines, grading at 6.93 g/t. In operation since October 2020, Buriticá has become a new growth area for Zijin’s gold business. Technical upgrading and expansion at the Buriticá Gold Mine will be completed in 2021. After reaching its designed capacity, the mine’s production capacity will increase from 3,000 tonnes to 4,000 tonnes per day, and annual gold production will increase from 7.8 tonnes to 9.1 tonnes.