Buriticá Gold Mine
Buriticá Gold Mine
Buriticá Gold Mine
Buriticá Gold Mine
Buriticá Gold Mine
  • Location
    Buriticá, Colombia
  • Ownership
  • Project status
    In operation + Expansion
  • Deposit Type
    IS epithermal gold deposit
  • Mineral Resources (Inclusive of Mineral Reserves)
    Contained gold of 10.34Moz with grade of 6.61g/t, and silver of 36.14Moz with grade of 23.12g/t
  • Mining & Processing methods
    Underground mining + gravity separation + flotation
  • 2022 Production
    Mined gold: 247koz; Mined silver:579koz
  • Project Overview
    The Buriticá Gold Mine in Colombia is among the world’s largest, ultra-high grade gold mines, grading at 6.93 g/t. In operation since October 2020, Buriticá has become a new growth area for Zijin’s gold business. Technical upgrading and expansion at the Buriticá Gold Mine will be completed in 2021. After reaching its designed capacity, the mine’s production capacity will increase from 3,000 tonnes to 4,000 tonnes per day, and annual gold production will increase from 7.8 tonnes to 9.1 tonnes.
  • Debottlenecking and Expansion

    The 4,000 tonnes per day mining and concentrator upgrading project has been completed and put into production. Upon reaching nameplate capacity, the project will produce more than 8 tonnes of gold per annum

  • ESG

    The project supports community businesses and has made significant contributions to agricultural innovation, community infrastructure construction, and support for micro businesses. It also facilitated cooperation between the agricultural and livestock sectors and local farmers and entrepreneurs.

    The project has implemented the Sow for the Future joint agricultural development program, assisting industries such as coffee, bananas, beekeeping, and mushroom cultivation. By the end of 2022, the program had implemented 261 agricultural and livestock entrepreneurship projects, and 59 local value chain projects, benefiting 874 households in the local communities. In 2021, the project supported the establishment of the Cauca Riverside Specialty Coffee Association (Asociación de Cafés especiales de la Ribera del Cauca), partnering with coffee brands to strengthen local coffee’s marketability, benefiting over 1,470 community coffee farmers.

    Through the PEP (Programa de Encadenamiento Productivo) initiative, aimed at supporting local businesses to form supply chains, the project has provided training to 87 local companies, helping several companies become stable suppliers of the project. In 2022, the project further strengthened its cooperation with the mining department of the Antioquia Province and the Municipal Government of Buriticá, actively participating in the Buriticá Agenda 2040, a medium- to long-term socio-economic development plan for the municipality.

    The project has developed a Green Mine Development Plan, implemented comprehensive environmental monitoring in the mining area, and initiated the Continental Gold Environmental Compensation Program to plan for afforestation in areas within the mine that are suitable for greening. The project is committed to green and low-carbon development and obtained carbon and water footprint certifications in 2022. It is also a founding member of Colombia's national animal protection organization, ANIMAL BANK.

  • M&A

    In 2020, Zijin Mining acquired a 69.28% interest in Continental Gold through Gold Mountains (HK.) International Mining Co., Ltd. Continental Gold holds a 100% interest in the Buriticá Gold Mine.