Paddington Operations
Paddington Operations
Paddington Operations
Paddington Operations
  • Location
    Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
  • Ownership
  • Project status
    In operation + technical upgrading and expansion
  • Deposit Type
    Greenstone belt orogenic gold deposit
  • Reserves & resources
    Contained gold of 343t with grade of 1.16g/t
  • Mining & Processing methods
    Open mining + underground mining + flotation
  • 2021 Production
    4.4 tonnes of mined gold
Key Operating Indicators for 2021
  • 38.1
    Total assets/100 million yuan
  • 18.6
    Net assets/100 million yuan
  • 16.4
    Operating income/100 million yuan
  • 1.2
    Net profit/100 million yuan
  • Project Overview

    The acquisition of Paddington Operations in Australia is a successful case of a Chinese company acquiring a large producing gold mine overseas. The project covers an area of 1,012 km², with promising exploration prospects. It has both open-pit and underground operations, with a daily throughput of 10,000 tonnes.

    Today, the expansion projects for low-grade and refractory ore at Paddington are moving forward. The GS refractory ore project is designed on the basis of the existing Paddington plant and will add an annual throughput of 1.5 million tonnes once completed. After GS project commences production, the Paddington plant will produce 5 to 6 tonnes of gold per annum. The Binduli low-grade ore project, a heap-leaching project, will be completed in phases. Its total designed annual capacity is 15 million tonnes, and once completed, its gold production will be up to about 7 tonnes in the peak years.