Sanguikou Lead-Zinc Mine
Sanguikou Lead-Zinc Mine
Miaogou/Sanguikou Lead-Zinc Mine
Sanguikou Lead-Zinc Mine
Sanguikou Lead-Zinc Mine
  • Location
    Urat Back Banner, Bayannur, Inner Mongolia
  • Ownership
  • Project status
    In operation
  • Deposit Type
  • Mineral Resources (Inclusive of Mineral Reserves)
    Contained zinc of 1.47Mt with grade of 2.28%, and lead of 320kt with grade of 0.50%
  • Mining & Processing methods
    Underground mining + flotation
  • 2022 Production
    Mined zinc:45kt;Mined lead:10kt
  • Project Overview

    Sanguikou Lead-Zinc Mine is one of the largest lead-zinc underground mines in China with the lowest grades. The ores are refractory and buried deep underground. The project carried out mine exploration and research on mineral processing, ore loss and dilution, production scheduling, etc. In 2010, it won a Second Prize in Exploration from the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association(CNMIA). In 2020, it won a Second Prize in Scientific and Technological Advancement from CNMIA. In 2021, it was given First Prize in Scientific and Technological Advancement by the China Gold Association.

  • ESG

    The project upholds Zijin’s values and actively fulfills the mission of Mining for a Better Society by meeting its social responsibilities and following the principle of sustainable development and good ESG practices in everything it does. It earned recognitions such as the National High-tech Company and Company with Pioneer Workers. It has also been recognized as a Youth Internship and Entrepreneurship Base. In the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, it has been honored as an Excellent Company, a Green Plant, one of the Top 100 Private Companies in the Autonomous Region, a Class A Taxpayer, a Credible Company, a Demonstration Company for Standardized Statistical Work in the Autonomous Region, and May 1 Exemplary Women Workers’ Positions in Inner Mongolia.

  • M&A

    Zijin Mining has acquired a 95% interest in the mine through multiple transactions since 2005.